Macroalgae For Marine Reef Aquariums: rhipocephalus phoenix ecosystems

Udotea Sp. (Mermaid's Fan)

A very popular specimen for the aquarium. Udotea species feature a broad, dark to light green, fan shaped top that can grow as large as 12" or more within some species. Some are more rigid than others depending on the species and others have a scalloped edge. A large rhizome holds the plant upright and securely in the substrate. The large base (rhizoids) can extend several inches below the substrate, where "shoots" form new plants from the parent colony. When conditions are favorable in the aquarium, this species will reproduce rapidly by producing new plants near the base. Like many of the calcareous algae that grow exclusively in substrate, it needs a deep sand bed of 4" or more. Calcium supplementation is required. Not palatable to fish or invertebrates. Individuals are between 3"-6" tall.

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