Macroalgae For Marine Reef Aquariums: Green Florida Ricordea ecosystems

Florida Ricordea

We collect two distinct species of Ricordea. The common species are aqua green and are found in shallower water where we collect algae. The others are collected offshore in deeper water and have nicer coloration. Ricordea are great beginner corals because they are fairly easy to keep in the aquarium and a good companion to tanks with macro algae or other soft corals. They are popular with all aquarists because of the beautiful colors they come in. Most polyps are about 1" in diameter. 

The bright colors will be mostly mixed shades of green and blue with the occasional pink or orange mixed in. These are B grade polyps but still beautiful. We pick the colors. The polyps are $8 ea. 

 Mixed Colors 

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$ 8.00

The near shore species or common colors are aqua-green with pink centers and are nice but not as bright. The polyps are $4 ea. 


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