Macroalgae For Marine Reef Aquariums: Purple Sea Fan Gorgonian ecosystems

 Colorful Sea Whip Gorgonian (Leptogorgia vigulata)

This is a non photosynthetic species of gorgonian commonly found growing attached to hard bottom in depths of 5-40 ft. They are highly variable in both composition and coloration, but purple is the common coloration. Like most NPS gorgonians they have white polyps. They appreciate strong flow and need to be fed regularly with a quality coral formula, plankton or prepared food. Sizes vary between 6"- 10". All of our gorgonians are mounted on a reef plug. Please ensure that the color is listed as "in stock" in the table below before adding to the shopping cart.

Please Note: The red, orange and yellow colorations are typically only available during the winter months here in Florida.

Purple  In Stock 12.00 ea

Red Out of Stock 15.00 ea

Orange  Out of Stock 15.00 ea

Yellow Out of Stock 15.00 ea
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