Macroalgae For Marine Reef Aquariums: rhipocephalus phoenix ecosystems

Penicillus dumetosus (Shaving Brush)

The largest of all of the Penicillus species, often growing up to 8" tall. Also characteristic of this calcareous algae is that the top is more tapered and flat. It is abundant on the reef flat and among sea grass beds. It's root-like structure is a large bulb with a series of rhizoids that anchor it to substrate and sometimes rocks. It occurs in shallow calm protected water to depths of 40 ft. In the aquarium the mature plant often dies to produce new plants at it's base. Like most calcareous stem plants, it needs a deep sand bed of 4" or more to grow in the aquarium. Calcium supplementation is needed. Not very palatable to fish or invertebrates.

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