Marine Plants : A Tour of GCE's Marine Plant and Macroalgae Facility ecosystems
Gulf Coast Ecosystems opened in 2003 offering a limited supply of macro algae species online to hobbyists. Over the years we have continued to expand the business and now have over 4000 gallons of production and holding tanks dedicated to algae and gorgonian species. 

We've been a pioneer in supplying rare and unusual ornamental marine algae and have since introduced many species to the aquarium trade. Our customers are hobbyists, public aquariums, universities and research facilities. Because we specialize in just marine plants, we are able to both collect, produce and maintain a high quality product unmatched by other suppliers.

Photos of the new facility will be added soon.


Gulf Coast Ecosystems, 504 sally Lee Dr, Bradenton, Fl 34222, 941-225-9465